Website – could be your biggest selling tool

Websites and Branding Packages

Your website is an essential part of your company’s marketing plan. It’s an integral piece of the pie that familiarizes the online community with your brand while introducing potential and existing customers to the services you provide. In short, it’s your first impression and potentially your biggest selling tool, so let the Bison team help make yours a powerful one!

CCE Custom Website

Just as we mold your branding packages to fit your style, we also take pride in developing custom websites to fit your needs. We work closely with you to gain a clear understanding of your business plan, communication strategy and digital goals in order to provide the functionality necessary to achieve the best results. Because not all websites share the same needs, we offer several design packages for companies to choose from…


Our Flank Cut package is perfect for those looking to build brand awareness. Typically built in WordPress, these easy-to-use sites are perfect for those in need of frequent updating. It offers up to five pages and basic search engine optimization with a custom domain name. Once we’ve received all design elements and images, you can expect a complete site, including one round of revisions, within 1-2 weeks.


Our Brisket Cut package is a beefed up version of our Flank Cut. This package is ideal for businesses looking for increased brand awareness along with personal attention. In addition to a custom domain name, the Brisket cut offers up to 10 pages with our intermediate SEO package
including optimized images. We’ll also incorporate a snazzy image slider to highlight your recent work, responsive mobile design to make it easy to capture customers on-the-go and free CMS training to help you maneuver your way throughout your website with relative ease. Completion time for the Brisket Cut package ranges from 3 to 6 weeks.


MOHBowl Custom Website Oh, the loin cut! Does it get any better than a loin cut? I think not. The Loin Cut is our top of the line website design package. It bundles the features of our smaller packages and allows for up to 20 pages, advanced SEO, and up to 8 design revisions. Not only will it increase your brand’s awareness but it will also incorporate essential e-commerce options to increase overall sales. Completion time for the Loin Cut package ranges from 6 to 12 weeks.

Once we’ve determined which website design package fits your needs, we’ll get to work on the creative process. Here, we’ll share a customized template to give you an idea of the aesthetics, color palette and the overall look and feel of the site. As the process progresses, we’ll begin transforming the
visual layout into a real time, unforgettable experience for the end-user and all target audiences. So, let’s get the process started!